Thriving In Europe: Essential Travel Tips For Every Non-Professional Backpacker

Europe is a paradise for backpackers, boasting a rich history, diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities. The ideal time to back-pack around Europe largely hinges on your preferences. Summer offers long days and warm weather, perfect for beach frolics and sight-seeing. In contrast, winter provides a different charm with Christmas markets and reduced tourist crowds.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie embarking on your first backpacking trip, here are some essential tips to maximize your European adventure.

Europe Travel Tips — Pre-Travel Planning

Embarking on your trip to Europe requires in-depth research and robust itinerary planning, especially if it’s your first trip. It’s crucial to gain a broad understanding of the European countries you plan to visit, embracing cultural norms, local customs, and the beautiful tapestry that constitutes their tapestry. This respects the host countries and prevents unnecessary missteps or misunderstandings.

Budget Planning

Budgeting for your Europe trip can take time and effort. The key to successful budget planning involves estimating daily expenses: gauging travel costs (train travel or budget airline), food expenses, and arranging comfortable yet cost-effective lodging. Aligning your budget with these core components will ensure a seamless, fulfilling travel in Europe.

Health And Safety Preparations

Your health is paramount amidst your European exploration. Prepare for necessary vaccinations based on your destination. Besides, securing comprehensive travel insurance is equally significant, promising assistance in these many European countries during medical or non-medical emergencies. Remember to confirm emergency contact numbers that could come in handy during your journey.

By hitting these crucial pre-travel planning aspects, you’re one step closer to making your ‘European travel tips’ a tangible reality, ensuring a remarkable visit to Europe that resonates with wanderlust long after your first trip.

Travel Tips For Europe — Packing Right

The saying ‘less is more’ in travel around Europe can often be apt. One of the best ways to explore Europe, whether wandering through quaint towns or bustling major European cities, is by packing the essentials. 

Strategy is your best friend here! Consider lightweight, multipurpose gear such as a durable backpack, portable chargers, travel adaptors, or inflatable pillows for those long train journeys.


When it comes to clothing, the mantra for a first trip to Europe is simple: layer, layer, layer. Europe’s weather can range from sunny beaches in Greece to cold winter nights in Scandinavia; hence, versatility is vital. Pack comfortable shoes and seasonal wear that can be layered, and remember, the goal is to fit in, not stick out.

Toiletries And Medical Supplies

It’s your first time traveling through Europe; remember what you put in your toiletries bag. Carry travel-sized toiletries respecting the airline regulations. Prepare a medical kit with essential medications, and remember to stock on sunscreen and bug spray.

All these travel tips for Europe will make your travel effortless. Be sure to reference our “guide to train travel in Europe” for more insider tips and tricks. 

Some Accommodation Options For Europe Tourists

Hostels & Budget Hotels

Hostels and budget hotels are the go-to options for tourists eager to save on accommodation during their Europe trip. Affordability, location, facilities, and safety are paramount when choosing one. Conduct your research thoroughly, ensuring your chosen hostel or budget hotel offers comfort, connectivity to major European cities, and security.


AirBnb provides a homely travel experience that regular hotels often need to improve. For a comfortable and reasonably-priced stay in Europe, consider booking an Airbnb. Ensure to scrutinize customer reviews, check the property’s proximity to local attractions, and double-check all fees included in the total cost to ensure your first European trip remains within budget.


If you’re more outdoorsy, camping across many European countries could be exhilarating. Camping allows a unique, intimate experience with nature, entailing an unconventional way to travel Europe. Check for camping regulations and follow all guidelines, ensuring a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

As you gear up for your European adventure, absorb these travel tips for Europe to optimize your journey and, most importantly, enjoy your breathtaking exploration of European cultures.

Food And Drinks Tips

Local Cuisine

One of the joys of traveling around Europe is discovering the many flavors different regions offer. Whether you’re savoring a hearty Italian pasta, slurping French escargot, or biting into a delicious Belgian waffle, the local cuisine will be a memorable part of your Europe trip itinerary.

Identify budget-friendly restaurants in the many European cities you visit. Local eateries often hide the authentic flavor of a region, so be adventurous. Map out your food journey and plan your budget for your trip accordingly. And remember, when in Rome, or any other European city, do as the locals do!

Drinking Laws

Alcohol consumption is part of the cultural fabric across Europe. However, you must respect different drinking customs and adhere to local laws while traveling around Europe. Tipping in Europe varies from country to country, so make sure you know the norms. Practice safe drinking – never leave your drink unattended, and stay within your limits.

Use our travel tips for Europe as your compass to navigate your appetizing adventures through Europe. Genuine respect for local customs and a sense of adventure will make your trip so much more enriching. So, savor each moment as you explore Europe, one taste at a time. Check out our guide to train travel in Europe for more tips and tricks to make your European excursion a culinary delight.

Navigating Transportation Around Europe

Public Transportation

Traversing around major European cities is a breeze thanks to many well-connected public transportation options such as buses, trains, metros, and trams. Whether it’s your first trip to Europe or a recurrent visit, we recommend getting a tourist travel card, giving you unlimited access to public transport and helping you save while you explore Europe.

Bike Rental

Want to travel Europe at your own pace? Try bike rental. This eco-friendly way to travel improves your local experience and enables you to pack light and easily navigate European narrow lanes. Many European cities offer bike rental services, making it easy for you to find the best option.

Ride Share

For more convenience, try ride-sharing services like Uber or BlablaCar as you travel to Europe. These services can be a cost-effective and comfortable way to travel in Europe.

Remember, safety is paramount. Therefore, ensure comprehensive travel insurance for your European adventure regardless of your chosen means. As you map your Europe trip itinerary, let our Europe travel tips guide you.

Cultural Etiquette And Language In European Cities

In your journey around Europe, respect for local traditions is paramount. Cultural etiquette in many European cities varies greatly, so take the time to learn about local customs before your visit. Being sensitive to these norms during your first trip to Europe, or even your tenth, enriches your experience and opens doors to deeper community interactions.

Learning Basic Phrases

Communication is a two-way street, as much in your backyard as when you travel around Europe. Before hitting the road, learn a few basic phrases in the local languages of the countries you plan to visit. A simple “Merci” or “Grazie” can initiate conversation and may even lead to discovering hidden gems, enhancing your travel around Europe.

Here’s a tip: you won’t master a new language overnight, but locals appreciate tourists making an effort. So, get a simple language guide or app to help you navigate conversations ahead of your European adventure.

Now, you’re planning to travel through Europe with a newfound respect for cultural etiquette and language immersion techniques. Let our best European travel tips compass this remarkable European journey!

Safety Measures To Take For Your Travel Around Europe

As a tourist, knowing how to secure your belongings and avoid common scams is crucial when you travel to Europe. Don’t let pickpockets ruin your Europe trip! Keep belongings close, use secure bags, and be wary in crowd-filled areas. Scammers often target tourists, so it likely is if it sounds too good to be true. Visit our comprehensive guide on staying safe for more handy travel tips.

Emergencies happen when least expected, so prepare for the unexpected on your trip to Europe. Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers – they vary across European countries. Remember to secure comprehensive travel insurance – it’s your safety net abroad.

Pack light, stay safe, and confidently explore the many European cities that make this continent a tourist’s delight. Your first or tenth trip can always reveal something new when traveling Europe. Let’s find the best way to travel and make 2023 and beyond your year of European exploration!

Must-Visit Places For First-Timers In Europe

Europe is a treasure trove of hidden gems that often miss the spotlight but still charm you entirely. The winding streets of the Albayzín in Granada, Spain, the tranquil beauty of the Bohemian Forest in Central Europe, or the idyllic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands – they might not top the typical tourists’ list but are indeed places to visit as you travel around Europe.

Popular Landmarks

Europe’s iconic landmarks are equally captivating – the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, Amsterdam’s canals, and Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia. You’re not a true explorer until you’ve stood in awe of these marvels!

These are just a few of the thousand faces of this diverse continent. Whether it’s your first time or a returned visit, these travel tips for Europe will help quench your wanderlust. A train journey through Europe is one of the best ways to marvel at the continent’s majesty and intricacy. 

Consult the Rogue Travelers comprehensive guide if you still need to finalize your Europe trip itinerary. From the bustling cities in Europe to its tranquil countryside, we’ve covered your Europe adventure!

Happy Backpacking!

Plan your journey, respect local customs, learn phrases, stay safe, and explore well-trodden paths and hidden gems. Get your travel insurance and stack your backpacks, but pack light – the Europe trip you’re dreaming of awaits. Regardless of where in Europe you choose to visit, there are countless breathtaking views and countless cultures to immerse in.

Those of us who travel a lot know that journeys are portals into the endless possibilities of experiences. So, embark on your journey with all you need and all our best wishes. Find the best tips for an unforgettable European adventure on our blog. After all, the best way to travel is to travel informally. 

Bon voyage!

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