Travel Nurses Get Big Paydays for Their Skills! Find Out How Much.

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Without travel nurses, the healthcare system in America would collapse. These skilled professionals make sure hospitals stay staffed at all times and can offer a wide variety of specialties. It’s no wonder that travel nursing is one of the fastest-growing careers in America: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s projected to increase by 19 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is much higher than average for all professions. In fact, travel nurses are so valuable that they command salaries as high as $100K per year! If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse and joining this elite group, then read on for everything you need to know about how much money traveling nurses make each year—and how much more there is out there if you can become one of them.

Travel nurses get more money.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses get more money because they are in high demand. They have a lot of skills and experience, which makes them more valuable to employers. There’s also a limited supply of travel nurses compared to local nurses, so they can command higher wages as a result.

That extra money can help you afford financial goals that may be more difficult to achieve without it!

Travel nursing is one of the best jobs in the nation. You’ll make more money than most people, and you’ll have a lot more freedom to spend it however you want. You can save up for retirement, buy a car or pay off student loans, put money down on your first home, or even travel more!

If that’s not enough to convince you that travel nursing is right for you (and it should be), there are many other benefits too:

  • Flexible schedules
  • No dress code (or uniform!)
  • No boss hovering over your shoulder all day

So, how much money can you expect to make as a travel nurse?

The average salary for a travel nurse is $31/hour or about $53,000/year- how much do travel nurses make. This amount can vary greatly depending on where you live and where you choose to travel. For example, if you live in Texas and work in California, then your pay may be higher than average because the cost of living is higher there than in Texas. However, if you live in California but choose to work in Florida (which has lower cost of living), then your pay could be lower than average.

Travel nurses are hard to find.

Travel nurses are in high demand.

The need for nurses is growing, and the workforce is not keeping up with demand. In fact, a survey of healthcare providers found that qualified nurses are hard to find — especially travel nurses. To add fuel to this fire, there’s also a shortage of experienced nurses who can work as travelers or telecommute from home.

Travel nurses are in short supply because they’re in high demand.

These two factors combine to make hiring travel nurses difficult for healthcare employers: if you want to hire one on a long-term basis (rather than just temporarily filling an open spot), it may take some time before you can find someone who will stay with your organization long enough for them to become invested in its success and growth.

Travel nurses can make up to $53K a year or more

The average pay for a travel nurse is $31/hour or about $53,000/year. This amount varies depending on where you live and where you choose to travel- how much do travel nurses make.

Travel nursing offers many benefits to qualified candidates. You get paid well and don’t have to worry about signing a lease in an apartment building that’s too expensive or small for your needs. Many hospitals also offer perks like company cars and health insurance—and as we mentioned above—you can save money from living out of state!

If you’re looking for a new job and want to travel, then a career as a travel nurse could be perfect for you. It can be an exciting way to see the world while still earning money!

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