Disney Travel Agents: The Best Way to Get the Best Deals on Vacation Packages!

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If you’re going to Disney World, you should use a travel agent. Sure, it may sound like an incredibly outside-the-box idea – but hear me out. Travel agents aren’t as common nowadays as they used to be and that might be why you don’t think of them right away when planning your trip to Walt Disney World Resort. However, using a travel agent can actually help save money on your vacation (or at least make sure you get what you paid for!). I know what you’re thinking: “What?! How do they do this? What do they even do? And how much does it cost?” Hold onto your hats because we have answers!

Disney World Travel Agents Don’t Cost You Any More Money

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Travel agents are not paid by the companies they represent. They’re paid by you, the person they help. You see, travel agencies don’t get a dime from Disney or any other travel company. They make money by taking a small commission on each transaction that they make for their clients. Most of them have to work very hard at getting their clients this commission because it is usually only 1%-5% of what you spend on your trip!

Disney World Travel Agents Can Get Your Perks and Special Experiences

Travel agents can secure the best deals and even get you perks. Some of these perks include:

  • Free dining
  • Free park tickets
  • Free hotel stays
  • Free parking (at certain hotels)
  • Guest passes for friends and family members to join you on your trip (up to 7 per reservation)- travel agency.

Disney World Travel Agents Have Planned Many A Disney Vacation

Disney World travel agents have planned many a Disney vacation, so they know the best times of year to go to Disney World (it’s not always summer) and what hotels are available. They can help you choose from among the thousands of restaurants at Walt Disney World, and they’ll even book your FastPass+ reservations for you.

Disney World Travel Agents Know the Best Times of Year to Go to Disney

If you’re looking for the best deals on Disney World vacations, and want to be sure that you know when to go, a Disney World travel agent is your first (and last) stop! A good travel agent will not only help you save money, but also can help plan out all aspects of your vacation. They can help you find the perfect place to stay, as well as all the activities and restaurants that are in your budget. They also know which days are better than others for visiting any theme park. For example: if it’s raining outside at Universal Studios Florida on one particular day, then they may suggest going there on another day instead because crowds have thinned out due to inclement weather.

Disney World Travel Agents Plan More Than Just Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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Disney World travel agents plan more than just your Walt Disney World vacation. There are several things that travel agents can do for you, including:

  • Planning your transportation to and from the airport, as well as getting to and from the different parks and resorts.
  • Planning accommodations, including hotels at both Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando Resort properties.
  • Planning meals for you and your family or friends, with special discounts on restaurants throughout all four park resorts at Walt Disney World Resort!

Using a travel agent helps you prepare for your trip.

Your travel agent is your best friend when it comes to planning a vacation- travel agency. A good travel agent will know all the ins and outs of booking your trip, including:

  • Where you want to go (and when)
  • What you’re looking for in a hotel or resort
  • The kind of vacation experience you want to have (beach, city sightseeing, etc.)

Your travel agent can also help you plan for your trip by suggesting activities and dining options that are appropriate for the places where you want to go. If a family member has recommended an activity or restaurant that’s close by, ask them about it so they can explain more specifics about it and give recommendations on which hotels or resorts might be best suited for what they do. For example, if someone recommends going horseback riding in Hawaii during their summer vacation plans but they only mention Oahu as being one of their options, ask them if there are any other islands that might be worth visiting before making a decision on whether or not this particular place would be right for their family needs during such an important time together each year!

If you want a magical trip to Disney World, then you need a Disney World travel agent. These agents have years of experience planning vacations for families and know how to make sure your trip is perfect! They can help with everything from planning to booking your hotel or cruise ship. They also have special deals and perks that are only available through them. Don’t miss out on all the fun by not using a travel agent – Contact one today!

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