The Most Popular Travel Hashtags of 2022

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If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular travel hashtags are, I can help. I’ve analyzed millions of Instagram posts and found that these are the hashtags that were used most frequently in conjunction with travel-related words:


Travel is a popular topic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Traveling allows you to meet new people, learn about other cultures, and experience the world firsthand. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience—it’s why travel hashtags are so popular on Instagram!


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Adventure is a journey, not a destination.

Adventure is an attitude, not an action.

Adventure is a game we all play together, but most of us overlook the rules.

Adventure is more than just a state of mind—it’s also an ideal state of being that leads us to surprising places and helps us discover who we truly are as people. Adventure isn’t something you choose; it’s something you need in order to be happy and fulfilled with life!


The definition of the word travel is “to go from one place to another, especially for pleasure or business.” If you feel the desire to travel, then it’s likely that your Instagram feed will be filled with hashtags related to “wanderlust.”

The word wanderlust has been in use since at least 1596 and was first used as a noun meaning “a strong desire for wandering” or “the state of being restless.” In modern times, however, it has come to refer specifically to a feeling of intense longing associated with traveling. If you’re someone who wants to explore the world but can’t seem to get out there and do it (or even if you’ve already traveled but want more), this hashtag might be perfect for you!- travel hashtags.


For most people, this is a time to celebrate love. Whether you’re in a relationship or just have someone special in your life, you might want to share your feelings with them by using the hashtag #love.

This popular hashtag always comes up on any list of the hottest travel hashtags of 2022 and beyond.


Explore a new place, explore a new hobby, explore a new food and learn how to cook it. Explore a new idea and implement it in your life. Explore the possibilities of living differently by trying something different — whether its growing your own food or moving abroad — you’ll never know what you can discover until you try!


Nothing beats fun! If you’re looking for a great way to recharge, this is it. Whether it’s a new experience or an old favorite that brings out the kid in all of us, traveling is often about getting away from it all. So go ahead and let loose with some of these fun activities:

  • Go wine tasting at your local winery (or enjoy a glass at a local bar)
  • Get lost in the woods with friends in search of Bigfoot (or just play hide-and-seek)
  • Go bungee jumping/skydiving/cage diving (if it makes you feel like you have superpowers)


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If you’re looking for a hashtag that reflects the importance of travel, then #vacation is a good choice. It’s great for vacationers and people who want to go on vacation.

The word “vacation” has different meanings depending on who you ask—for some people it’s about getting away from work for a few days, while others see it as time spent with family or friends in an exotic location somewhere around the world.

Vacations are important because they’re one of the few times in life when we get an opportunity to completely relax and forget about our responsibilities, obligations and deadlines. If you’re looking for a way to take your mind off things during this stressful time of year (or any other), then consider booking yourself a trip overseas!


Sunset is a beautiful time of day. The sun sets for the night, but you can find the best sunset in the world in any country. Sunset is a great time to take photos, so don’t forget your camera when you head out to capture this amazing moment.

The sunset is also a great time to enjoy a drink on the beach or at an outdoor bar- travel hashtags.

If you’re feeling romantic (or want to be), it’s also a great opportunity for lovey-dovey date nights with your special someone!


Beaches are great places to relax, meet new people, get a tan and exercise. The beach is also a good place to go swimming!


#winter2022travel is a hashtag that lets you know when to travel during the winter. Winter travel is a great way to escape the cold and see the world in a different light, but it can be hard to plan for if you don’t know when this season ends. With this hashtag, travelers who want to experience all four seasons will have all-year-round access to information about what time of year they should go on their next trip!



Landscape photography is a beautiful art form, but you don’t have to be an expert photographer to enjoy it. Taking pictures of the land around you can be a way of documenting your own journey and sharing it with others. There are many ways to capture the beauty of nature, including taking pictures while hiking through forests or exploring deserts (or even just from inside your back yard). Adding captions will make your landscape photos more engaging for people who see them on social media.

You can also use hashtags that are related to the specific type of landscape you’re posting about: for example, if you live in California and take lots of photographs during hikes along beaches or mountainsides, then using #California would probably be most appropriate- travel hashtags.


Nature is a popular hashtag, and for good reason. It’s a great way to connect with the world around you and get away from city life. By taking photos of nature, you can remember your experiences on vacation—especially if those memories are shared on social media.

We hope that this article helped you to understand the importance of hashtags in Instagram and other social media channels. While we can’t guarantee that your posts will be as popular as those from influencers with millions of followers, it’ll certainly improve engagement.

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