Nursing Assignment Guidelines for LPN Travel Nurses

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Travel nursing is a great way to gain valuable experience while balancing your professional and personal life. You can travel around the country and work in different healthcare settings, but what will you be expected to do? How much autonomy will you have? And how will this experience help you in future job opportunities? In this post, we’ll try and answer those questions!

Work on a general care floor

As a new travel nurse, you should expect to work on a general care floor. This is the most common assignment for new travel nurses in your first year or two of travel nursing.

You’ll work in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or ambulatory care center depending on where your assignment takes place. Your job will be to provide compassionate healthcare to patients who are recovering from surgery or illness and need daily monitoring by medical professionals. You may also spend time educating patients about their conditions and helping them with their care at home after they have been discharged from the hospital- travel lpn jobs.

The best part of being an lpn travel nurse? You’ll get to experience all kinds of different settings while working with great people along the way!

Work at an assisted living or nursing home

Man nurse consulting elder woman with disability in nursing home

In addition to working with a wide variety of patients, you’ll also be expected to learn how to deal with different types of patients. If you’re not familiar with this type of healthcare professional, they are people who need additional help because they have an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for themselves. Assisted living facilities provide supervision and support services for these individuals, who can still live independently but need assistance with some daily tasks. They may also receive medical treatment as needed.

Assisted living facilities often offer both short-term respite care (for when family members are away) and long-term stays (to accommodate permanent needs). You might need special skills in order to provide care for patients in assisted living facilities, but most traveling LPN travel nurses will find it fulfilling to help residents remain independent while receiving the appropriate level of supervision and assistance they require.

Work in acute care

As a travel nurse, you should expect to work in acute care. Acute care is the branch of medicine that focuses on short-term illnesses or injuries requiring rapid diagnosis and treatment. Acute care is different from chronic care, which is related to long-term conditions such as diabetes or asthma that require long-term management by one or more healthcare providers.

Acute care may also be called emergency care if it’s provided at an emergency department (ED), urgent care—an alternative to EDs for non-life threatening situations—or ambulatory surgery center (ASC) cases where patients receive surgical procedures but aren’t admitted overnight- travel lpn jobs.

Acquire new skills to make you more marketable.

As an LPN travel nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to learn skills that will make you more marketable. This means that if your current position isn’t the right fit for you, or if your career path is taking a different direction, then it’s much easier for you to find another position with similar employment benefits and compensation.

Traveling also provides an opportunity for personal growth by allowing nurses to work with patients from different backgrounds—including those with disabilities—and from varying socioeconomic levels.

In the end, it’s up to you when you find a job that fits your goals. The best thing about being a travel nurse is that you can always try something new! We hope this post has helped clarify what assignments are available and how they may differ from place to place.

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