What Is The Hourly Rate For Travel Nurses?

Travel nursing is a career that can help you earn a lot of money. Travel nurses often make more than $50,000 per year, and some can even earn over $100,000! However, the hourly rate you make as a travel nurse depends on several factors. For example:

How much do travel nurses make an hour?

  • The average travel nurse salary is $50,000- how much do travel nurses make.
  • The average travel nursing hourly rate is $33.50.
  • It depends on location, assignment duration, and job type.

Travel nursing pay varies by state.

Travel nursing pay varies by state and depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The cost of living in your state of choice.
  • Your years of experience as a nurse.
  • Your specialty area, as certain specialties are in high demand and thus earn more (OB/GYN nurses make an average hourly wage of $74).

Some states need more travel nurses than others.


Some states need more travel nurses than others. It’s not always as simple as the cost of living, either. Some states are more popular than others, some are more difficult to get to, and some have dangerous weather patterns that can make travel near impossible. If you’re thinking about moving somewhere new for your career, it’s important to consider those factors before committing yourself.

Travel nursing is a great way to earn extra money and gain valuable experience in the medical field without having to give up your current job. But finding a job where you know there will be plenty of work available isn’t always easy—especially if you want a long-term assignment with good pay and benefits!

Non-clinical travel nursing jobs often pay less.

If you’re looking to travel and work as a nurse but don’t have your clinical license yet, there are still opportunities. Non-clinical assignments, like management, HR, training and others pay less than clinical jobs. These types of assignments are often easier to get but they also require less experience and education. If you’re willing to take the risk on a lower paying position in exchange for the flexibility of traveling with your work visa and living anywhere in the world that’s appealing then this could be a good option for you.

Travel nursing pay varies by assignment length.

Pay rates for travel nursing vary by assignment length. The longer the assignment, the more you’ll earn per hour. Typically, it takes about two weeks for a travel nurse to complete each shift, so the hourly rate is based on that time frame.

Travel nurses make less than their in-house counterparts because they’re paid at a local rate. If a new hospital opens up in your destination city and hires only one nurse from out of town, that nurse will be paid at an hourly rate equal to what other travelers are getting paid in that city—not at whatever wage scale exists internally at that hospital.

This means that if you take three consecutive jobs with one company in Texas (possibly earning $35 per hour), then take another three consecutive jobs with another company in New York ($45 per hour), you’ll be making much less than if those six months had been spent exclusively working as an employee of one employer back home—even though all six months were technically spent working as a traveler during this period!

Short assignments often pay juicier rates.

Short assignments are often more desirable than longer ones. Sometimes, you may not want to commit to an assignment in another state or city for three months, but you can take a one-month assignment and get paid more than if you had gone for a full three months.

Short assignments are also more likely to be in high demand. If your specialty is in high demand, then this could mean that there aren’t enough nurses available and hospitals will go out of their way to keep you on staff because they know that without your skills and expertise, they’ll suffer serious consequences.

Short assignments also pay better because they’re usually less risky for hospitals as far as having enough staff goes (since they’re only hiring someone temporarily) but still provide them with the benefits of having an experienced nurse on staff who can help ease new hires into their jobs quickly.

Travel nurses are paid to relocate on top of their hourly salary.

As a travel nurse, you will be paid to relocate on top of your hourly salary. This means you will get paid to move across the country or even internationally. Depending on where you go and how long it takes to get there, this can add up to some serious cash.

Travel nurses are typically paid per diem so that they are not tied down by location-specific tax issues like income tax or property tax. Their jobs involve traveling around different cities and states for temporary assignments; therefore, they are not required to pay taxes in one particular place during their stay.

Housing stipends are in addition to travel nurse salaries.

A housing stipend is a benefit that travel nurses receive as an incentive to accept assignments in areas that may not be as desirable. The amount of a housing stipend varies by location, but it’s likely that the cost of living at your assignment site is lower than where you live now.

A typical hourly pay rate for travel nurses can range from $33 to $45 per hour, but this doesn’t include your housing stipend or any other benefits you might receive from working for a particular agency. Also see- how much do travel nurses make.

The hourly salary of a travel nurse depends on location and assignment duration.

The hourly wage of a travel nurse depends on location and assignment duration. Travel nurses are paid to relocate in addition to their salary, which means they aren’t getting as much as you might think. It’s also important to note that many travel nurse salaries are based on 12-hour days and don’t include overtime pay for extra hours worked.

Travel nurses can expect their hourly rate to be several dollars less than what permanent staff get paid in the same area, but bonuses may make up the difference. For example, some agencies offer sign-on bonuses if the nurse stays with them for a certain amount of time after completing an assignment. These bonuses usually range anywhere between $1,000-$5,000 per year based on seniority levels (more senior travelers will receive larger bonuses).


Overall, travel nursing is a great option for nurses looking to make extra money. The pay can be much better than in the hospital, and there are plenty of perks that come along with being a travel nurse (like getting paid to relocate).

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