The Mexico Visa Application Process in 2022

The Mexico visa application process can be a little tricky. To help you through it, we’ve put together this simple guide to applying for your visa as well as where and how to get the right documents. We also have information on what type of passport you need, how long it takes to get your visa, and more. With this, you can have all the information you need to get all your travel requirements to Mexico.

The basic steps of the Mexico visa application process

  • Get your documents in order. To apply for a tourist card, you need a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months and has space for the visa stamp (which is valid for up to 180 days). If you don’t meet these requirements, you must apply in person at an embassy or consulate. If your passport does not have enough blank pages left over from previous visas, some countries may require that you get another passport before applying again.
  • Get your tourist card/visa before traveling to Mexico! You’ll need it when going through customs and will likely be asked by officials if they can see it while crossing borders into or out of Mexico—so make sure it’s ready!

Your Mexico Visa Application Documents

You must submit the following:

  • Passport
  • Proof of travel insurance (unless you are a citizen or permanent resident of Mexico)
  • Proof of financial means (such as a bank statement, credit card statement, or other evidence that shows sufficient funds)
  • Proof of onward travel (a return ticket for example)
  • Proof of accommodation (for the duration of your stay). This may be provided by an employer or family member but it must show that you have paid for your own accommodation and meals.

Where to Get Your Mexico Tourist Card

You can obtain your tourist card at the following locations:

  • At the airport, if you are arriving to Mexico.
  • At a consulate, if you live outside of Mexico and plan to travel there for leisure purposes.
  • At an authorized travel agency, if you have booked an organized tour or cruise with them.
  • At a Mexican Embassy or Consulate in your home country before leaving for Mexico.

Paper or Digital Tourist Card?

The first step in applying for a tourist visa is deciding whether you will apply for the paper or digital version. The paper tourist card is valid for 90 days and can be used to enter Mexico multiple times within that time frame. On the other hand, the digital tourist card is valid for 180 days and allows entry into Mexico multiple times within that period.

Mexico Visa Application Fees

  • How much does it cost?

The price of a visa will depend on your country of origin and the length of stay. The following is an example from the Mexican government website:

  • For citizens from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan: $260 USD.

How Long Is a Mexico Visa Valid For?

A Mexico visa is valid for 30 days. If you are staying in Mexico for longer than 30 days, you will need to apply for a visa extension. You can apply for a visa extension at the Mexican consulate or embassy. You can extend your visa up to 180 days (six months).

How Long Can You Stay in Mexico With a Visa?

Most visitors to Mexico can stay up to 180 days.

If you’re a citizen of the United States, Canada or Japan, you’ll get 30 days. If you’re a citizen of the European Union (EU), your visa will allow you 60 days in Mexico.

We hope that we’ve been able to help you understand the Mexico application process in 2022. There are many steps, but they are all simple and straightforward. Just remember that you need some time (around 2 weeks) to get all your documents together before submitting them at the Mexican consulate. And finally, make sure you have all your travel requirements to Mexico to have a stress-free trip!

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