If you’re like most people, you probably have a drawer or box somewhere in your home where you keep all your important documents. Among those documents are your old passports. But are they really needed? Do you need to keep your old passports?

The answer is yes and no. If your passport is expired, you should keep it in a safe place.

If you’re planning to travel soon, you may be wondering if you need to bring your old passports with you. The answer is no. You only need to bring your current passport.

If you have an old expired passport and you’re traveling for urgent business, health or family issues, it is possible to travel with expired passport.

If you’re not planning to travel anytime soon, it’s a good idea to keep your old passports.

However, if you’re sure you’re not going to travel again, you can probably get rid of your old passports. Just be sure to shred them first. You don’t want your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

We hope you now know whether to keep old passports or not. Thank you for reading!