Scaling The Summits: An Asheville Hiking Checklist For First Time Hikers

If you’re planning your inaugural hiking trip around Asheville, North Carolina—home to some of the most scenic trails, such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest, and the Appalachian Trail—the excitement might certainly make you neglect what you need to pack for your adventure. 

With Asheville’s downtown waterfalls and breathtaking views at every turn, you’ll need to be adequately prepared for the best hikes, including the Black Balsam, Mitchell Trail, and the ever-popular wildflower-filled loop trails. 

This handy Asheville hiking checklist, inspired by the enchanting Black Mountain range and cascading Looking Glass Falls, will equip you with details of what to carry for your hiking trip, ensuring the elevation gains and mesmerizing landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains become cherished memories.

The Asheville Hiking Checklist

As splendid as the Blue Ridge Parkway near the area is, ensuring you’re well-prepared is essential for a positive hiking experience. Here’s a comprehensive Asheville hiking checklist to help you prepare:

1Hiking BootsA Pair of Hiking Boots Properly laced
2Map and CompassA map and compass to locate trails
3Hydration and NutritionWater and high energy snacks to stay energized and hydrated
4First Aid KitA first aid kit in case of accidents
5Appropriate ClothingA Breathable outfit for the summer hikes, warm layers for early morning day hikes and a waterproof layer just in case
6Sunscreen and Bug RepellentSunscreen and bug repellent for protection against the sun and insects
7Flashlight and Spare BatteriesFlashlight and Spare Batteries for late-day hikes
8Camera/BinocularsA camera/binoculars to capture moments while hiking
9Backpacka sturdy backpack to house all your necessities

This checklist helps ensure safe and enjoyable hiking in Asheville. So, get your gear together, hit the trail, and let Asheville’s breathtaking hiking spots sweep you off your feet!

Hiker’s Etiquette – Leave No Trace

While Asheville hiking is a treasured experience, it’s up to us as responsible adventurers to ensure the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains remains unblemished for future generations. We guide you through the essential “Leave No Trace” principles of hiker’s etiquette:

1. Plan Ahead: Understand the specific rules of the hiking trail you’ll be embarking upon, especially for popular trails like the Mitchell trail or the Appalachian. Weather checks and accurate maps are your best pre-hike preparations.

2. Stick to Trails: Stay on the trail! Trudging off the designed path can harm local flora and cause unnecessary erosion. Whether on a loop trail near Asheville, on Black Mountain trails, or in the vast Pisgah National Forest, respect the paths laid out for you.

3. Minimize Campfire Impact: If camping on trails like the Appalachian, ensure fires are kept small and extinguished properly. Leave behind no residue, not even ashes.

4. Dispose of Waste Properly: Always pack out what you pack in. From downtown Asheville to waterfall hikes in the Blue Ridge Parkway, leave nothing but footprints.

5. Leave What You Find: The breathtaking views, diverse wildflowers, and fascinating wildlife are to be admired, not disturbed. Resist the temptation to pick up that pretty-looking rock or flower.

6. Respect Wildlife: When you hike in Asheville, you’re a guest in nature’s home. Maintain a respectful distance from wildlife, and avoid feeding them, as it disrupts their natural diet.

7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors: Remember, you’re not alone on the trail! Whether on the more relaxed Falls trail or one of the most challenging climbs like the Black Balsam, practice trail courtesy.

In Asheville, NC, every hike, every waterfall, and every elevation gain brings life-enriching moments. Let’s keep it that way. Embrace these guidelines and ensure that your journey through the Blue Ridge Mountains isn’t just a rite of passage for you but also a path left untouched for those who follow.

Beginner-Friendly Hikes In Asheville

If you’re a novice looking to set foot on the best hikes near Asheville, fear not! Asheville hiking has something for everyone. Here are a couple of newbie-friendly hiking spots for an unforgettable day trip:

1. Blue Ridge Parkway: The vastness of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville might seem intimidating, but with miles of hiking trails ranging in difficulty from easy hikes to thrilling climbs, it’s perfect for beginners. Miles from downtown Asheville, the trail follows a scenic route offering a variety of trails and panoramic mountain views. Sections like the Mount Pisgah trail and the Balsam Nature Trail provide an appropriate challenge for first-time hikers in Asheville.

2. Craggy Gardens: Head out along the Blue Ridge Parkway MP for an easy hike at Craggy Gardens. Specifically designed to be hiker-friendly, the trail’s wide, well-marked paths draw beginners and families regularly. The trail starts with a gentle introduction before offering more of a challenge, but the view makes it worth every step.

3. Bent Creek Experimental Forest: With many trails to see varying in length and difficulty, this is the go-to Asheville hike for beginners. It’s close to the Asheville area and brimming with astounding nature experiences.

4. NC Arboretum: These trails are perfect for hikers looking for the best hiking trails in Asheville that harmonize tranquility with stunning beauty. Its gentle paths make it a superb spot for a leisurely day hike around Asheville.

5. Catawba Falls Trail: What’s hiking in Asheville without visiting waterfalls near Asheville? The Catawba Falls trail might lead to a 50-foot waterfall, but the journey is one of the gentlest and most popular hikes in the area. Perfect for beginners!

Remember, as you hit the trail, stay on the path and follow all hiking etiquette for an impeccable Asheville trail experience. Even as a beginner, Asheville’s hikes promise a blend of adventure and tranquility, leading you one step closer to becoming an experienced hiker!

As you embark on your first hike in Asheville, remember that the magic of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest, and the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are all yours to enjoy. But with that pleasure comes a responsibility to be prepared and respectful of nature. As a first-time hiker, you have the opportunity to explore some of the best hikes near Asheville and witness beautiful waterfalls, wildflowers, and perhaps even an elevation gain that takes you closer to the skies. So, lace up your boots, venture onto the hiking trails, and discover the beauty that makes Asheville hiking one of the most popular adventures in NC.

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