All You Need to Know About Travel Document Numbers

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Travel documents are a vital part of any person or family that wants to travel in and out of the United States. The travel document number is an important piece of information to remember for anyone who travels regularly or even occasionally. This number is also called a passport number and it can be found on the backside of your passport, as well as in some cases on a separate card that came with the original application for your passport.

A travel document number.

A travel document number is a unique 9-digit identifier assigned to Canadian permanent residents and refugee claimants. It is used to travel outside of Canada, and you can also get one if you are a dual citizen of Canada and another country. You can use this number as proof of your identity and citizenship when returning to Canada or applying for a passport or other travel documents.

The government has launched an online application.

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The government has launched an online application. The application is free, quick and easy to use. You can make your application in more than 20 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you don’t have a travel document, you can’t return to Canada as a permanent resident after you’ve left the country.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada who leaves the country and doesn’t return within six months, you may have difficulty returning to Canada as a permanent resident. To prevent this from happening, you can apply for a travel document before leaving Canada. Once approved, your travel document allows you to enter or re-enter Canada as a permanent resident.

You can apply for a travel document online or at any local IRCC office (except Nunavut). You must also fill out an application for regular processing at one of these offices if:

  • You were born in certain countries where citizenship is obtained upon birth (known as citizenship by birth). This includes India, China and Vietnam among others;
  • You have been issued an emergency travel document but have no passport; or
  • Your passport was lost during your trip outside of Canada and it has not been returned yet by Canadian officials abroad or has expired while overseas.

You’ll need a travel document if you plan on leaving Canada as a permanent resident or refugee claimant.

You must have a valid travel document to leave Canada as a permanent resident, refugee claimant or protected person. If you don’t have an official travel document, you can apply for one online. You must have a valid Canadian passport if you’re planning on travelling outside of Canada within six months of your date of arrival in Canada

We hope this guide has been helpful! Your travel document number is a valuable piece of information that can help you plan your trip. It’s important to keep the number with you at all times while traveling, whether it’s on paper or in digital form.

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