A Guide Through Cancun Travel Requirements

Are you planning your next big adventure to Cancun, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico? Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a multi-country excursion, there are Cancun travel requirements to keep in mind. We’ve put together this guide so that you can be sure you’re set for your trip.


Your passport is one of the major Cancun travel requirements and it must be valid for at least six months after your return date, and must have one blank page. If you need a U.S. visa to travel to Cancun, make sure that the passport reflects that fact by having the most recent U.S. entry stamp or an unexpired (valid) U.S.-issued visa in your passport before leaving home.

The last thing you want is to have your trip cut short due to an expired passport! Make sure that any visas are still valid on both sides—the country where it was issued, as well as its destination country (i.e., Mexico). For you to get to Cancun, you must cross the Mexico border, so make sure you have all the Mexico border requirements as well!

Travel Visa

A travel visa is required for United States citizens traveling from the United States to Mexico. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if you are only flying through Mexico on your way to another country. It is important that you remember this requirement before booking a flight! A travel visa does not cost anything and it can be obtained at Cancun International Airport upon arrival.

Travel visas are not Cancun travel requirements for Canadian citizens or residents of Canada.

Airline Tickets

You must book airline tickets at least 14 days in advance. Your ticket must be purchased on a direct flight; if there is no direct flight, you may connect through another airport.

You may book your flights up until 7 days in advance; however, there will be an increase in price compared to purchasing closer to your departure date. The minimum amount of time required for booking is 45 days before travel begins; however, this period can vary based on specific routes and airlines that are used for international travel


  • Check the room before you pay.
  • Make sure the room is clean.

Proof of Monetary Funds

Proof of funds can be any one of the following: a bank statement, a credit card statement, a letter from an employer verifying that you have the money available to travel, or even a letter from a friend who has agreed to loan you the funds necessary to travel. When submitting this document with your visa application packet, it is best if you have both pieces of paper in hand—the original and photocopy—to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Double Check all Cancun Travel Requirements for Your Travel

When traveling, you must be sure to double check all your Cancun travel requirements in order to avoid any problems at the airport. To do this, check the requirements for your travel and make sure that you have:

  • The right documents (passport, visas, etc.)
  • The right amount of money (currency restrictions)
  • The right accommodation (hotel reservation)
  • The right airline tickets

We hope this guide has helped you understand the Cancun travel requirements. We recommend double checking all Cancun travel requirements, Mexico border crossing requirements, and go through the Mexico visa application process correctly!

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