To my subscribers: I have to start this by apologizing for taking such a long time to publish a new post. Work has been crazy and one web project has more or less consumed my entire life. You can view it here if you’d like: Health Mastery Systems. The good news is it’s almost finished! I am still low on time, so I’m going to keep it short, but I owe it to you to write something.

I just spent my evening drinking hot chocolate and adjusting the bindings on my new skis! It’s finally time to kick off the season! I haven’t had a season pass to the local ski resort, Mount Ashland, in 6 years and I’m really looking forward to spending the entire winter up there. It opens Thursday and I’m gearing up to go Friday. Just the thought makes me go crazy!

These are sure to get you in the mood:

Are you ready for the season?

Skier Mountains
The snow falls and washes all errors away. The graffiti, the rotting leaves, and bare trees will soon disappear by way of this great mediator. As I walk on the road, through the groups of buildings, and into the forest, I crave that moment; I crave the moment that the snow covers everything, and erases all wrongdoing and pain. I wait for the moment that The Great Mediator makes all things pleasing to the eye. Four…Six…Eight inches of snow. This is enough to drown out all of my worries, and make me forget all that is going on. The snow-covered trees are foreign, but make me feel at home. They are ambassadors of and the entrance to the surreal world in which I am about to enter. As the trail disappears, I let my worries go with it.

Let the snow take your breath away.


I just thought I’d throw a recommendation out there:

Last year, I bought a pair of Salomon X Scream skis and thus far have loved every second of skiing on them. If you are looking for new skis, I’d highly recommend them. They are great for any type of snow and although I haven’t used them much I’m looking forward to a long season with them. SALOMON X Scream skis


(They look pretty badass too)

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