I once wrote an essay for college about what I called The Great Mediator. I think I’ll post it here somewhere now that I’m thinking about it. The essay described the fact that snow (The Great Mediator) uses its beauty and hides the ugliness of the world. It covers up everything – graffiti, dead plants, your troubles and cares. It makes everything beautiful, yet it has the power to kill anything. The cold of the snow is one of the most fierce forces on earth and can devour anything, but it is there for your enjoyment. The most natural thing a person can do when on a snowy slope is slide down it. Get outside and go to the snow! Did you get your season pass to the mountain this year? Don’t have time to ski? Make time to do the things you love! I still don’t know how I’m going to afford the new ski boots I need to go, but I bought the pass anyway, because that is what I love to do. I really like these boots if anyone feels so inclined…(size 11 :)) They are rather expensive, but there are plenty of solid boots out there. I may be paying the local ski swap a visit here soon.