Outdoor adventures are everywhere! You just need to know where to look.

Here’s a cool tool for finding local swimming holes: Swimming hole locator.

Resource for finding trails: Trail finder. I recently went on vacation in southern British Columbia. It has some of the most beautiful hiking trails I’ve ever been on(albeit humid). If you ever get the opportunity, I would suggest taking the trip.

Here’s a cool resource for finding climbing spots around the world. As well as a place for climbers to connect with other people. Rock Climbing get to this site, connect, ask questions. There are lots of places to be outdoors and plenty of people to offer you information.

For those of you who chase the snow around the western hemisphere, here’s a resource for finding the best skiing: Ski Central. Even if you say you hate the snow, you are only lying to yourself.

If I can get enough people to hand in information, I will start a map for users to mark their adventures with pictures for everyone to see and stories for everyone to read! If you have an adventure to share to get this resource started, send in any relevant info to [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you have the time right now, go out and find someone to play frisbee with. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors! It’s there and it will make you feel much better – no matter who you are.