As a child, I injured my back. No one remembers exactly what happened, but the injury left one of the vertebra in my lower back completely crooked, and I could barely walk the next couple of days. The Vertebra in my lower back was twisted, but because I didn’t know it, I didn’t do anything about it – the pain seemed to go mostly away in a few weeks and completely away within a few months. In the next 8 years or so I started (and stopped) playing football, wrestling and playing rugby, and over those years and under pressure, the twisted vertebra quite literally popped the discs on either side of it: one my freshman year and one my junior year of high school(this was probably the most excruciating pin I had ever felt). A chiropractor gave us a most likely scenario of what happened and an MRI what he said. I got my vertebra realigned, but my discs were considered toast. I was told I had two realistic options, one of which was to replace my discs with small pieces of rubber. The doctor said that this is the most painless route, but any athletic career I had would be instantly over. I opted for the second, which was essentially to rest my back as much as possible, but apart from that, do nothing. He said my back may or may not heal itself, it will be painful, but eventually I may be able to start playing sports again. It has hurt every day since. That is, until I started wearing Vibram Fivefingers. I wear these shoes everyday and for (almost)every occasion. They help my back and I have had very few problems since buying them. I gave them a true test with a trip to Yosemite last summer…they helped agility, endurance, and overall confidence. I can feel the ground underneath me, the grass between my toes and the fresh breeze without the pain of stepping on rocks and twigs. I adapt to the environment and am able to work through and with it. I would suggest to anyone who is going to spend any time outside to pick a pair up.

The most badass shoes there are: