I walked out of my Girlfriend’s house last night and looked straight up at the sky. The moon was bright, crisp and nearly full. The sky reminded me of my endless potential. The deep color and and perfect clarity reminded me that there’s a whole world out there left to see.

I turned around and looked at the other side of the sky only to find a raging (awesome) lightning storm. I couldn’t help but think to myself: I wonder how often I walk that line between endless potential and total disaster that the sky seemed to so eloquently represent.

I just finished one of those phases of my life. Over the passed four months, I’ve been on the brink of disaster. I’ve been more broke than ever before (lots of negative money), more depressed and just overall kinda crazy.

I believe everyone comes to at least one point in their life where they have to walk that line and either decide or reveal what type of person they’re going to be. There are those who cave in to that immense pressure and others who are challenged by it. They work even harder to get off that line and propel themselves to achievement.

What kind are you going to be? Everyone comes to at least a moment like this in their life. When your time comes, take a step outside, clear your head and let nothing but your clear conscious guide you.

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