We would all love to be outside doing what we love, but sometimes we just need a little extra encouragement. Here is a compilation of videos that will hopefully encourage you to get out the door. Bookmark this page and share with other people to help them too!

Unfortunately, my cliff diving experience has never left the 50 ft rocks at a local lake, but I’ve always admired people for getting out and learning to be such badasses!



The next video was made by a friend of mine, Garrett Ewing. The video is taken from his trip to Yosemite. Really awesome job. Makes me wish I was there now! You can watch more of his videos by clicking here.



Skiing is my favorite sport. I used to be part of a local racing org and go 3-4 times a week, but in eighth grade I started wrestling. Wrestling took up the evenings and Saturdays of every winter through senior year of high school. If there’s anything I regret in life, it’s quitting skiing for wrestling. I’m looking forward to getting and using my first season pass in 6 years!



I have never been rock climbing, but always wanted to go! I spent a couple summers at an orphanage in Mexico and would go bouldering almost every day, but I’ve never thrown on ropes and climbed anything more than about 100 feet. 🙁 Someday I will.


Next: Never pass up a good skiing video!



This next video is obviously Mountain Biking. If you want to see some crazy mofos going faster than man was ever meant to go on uneven terrain that could easily kill you, go up to the trails and watch mountain bikers!



Lots of fun just getting outside! If you live somewhere like Southern Oregon, there are beautiful trails and gorgeous scenery everywhere you look. A good hike will cleanse your mind(and your lungs).


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