My family and I celebrated Super Bowl Sunday in the best way we know how: We went on a ski trip! It was quite a trip to see so many people and so much equipment in so little space driving up to the mountain, but nevertheless the whole thing was a great experience.

I spent the beginning of it complaining to myself about how bad the snow was. I was a little irritated that it hadn’t snowed in the last two weeks. Most of the snow was chopped up, everything that wasn’t chopped up was groomed and every little bump inflamed my back injury. I never complained out loud, but found myself muttering little things in my head. Then a thought struck me like an anvil from the sky. It’s a beautiful day!

Why should I be complaining? From them on out, I just enjoyed the scenery. For some reason, I have this unparalleled ability to take the negative of every situation and focus solely on it while totally ignoring the positive aspects that are right in front of me. Carpe Diem I say(or need to say). Focus on the positives and make the best of every day.

Hey, check out the video below. I’d appreciate any comments or criticism in the comments section underneath the video.



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