You won’t regret it. This afternoon, I just decided to take a walk to get myself outside..well I needed a little encouragement but I ended up taking a nice hike right from my house. My sister, my uncle and I set off for a couple hours and rediscovered how cool the outdoors is(is that grammar right?).

Today was a really crumby day. I felt lonely and frustrated all day for a number of reasons. I was very hesitant to set off because I had been very unproductive. This evening, however, changed everything. My sister convinced me to take a walk from our house. That walk turned into a 2.5 hour hike with her and my uncle. I rediscovered the therapeutic pleasures of the outdoors. The green of the trees seemed to melt away worries, and the lack of breath washed away all other fears and uncertainties. I got home, and my mind was focused enough to finish all my work. Just because you “Don’t have time” for something doesn’t mean you don’t have time for it. Oftentimes you didn’t have enough time because you were unproductive previously. What makes you think that’s going to change without a change in your surroundings? What is it that makes you productive? Try this:

White Rabbit Hiking Trail

Lizard on White Rabbit

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Get Outside!