Just as a disclaimer, I am not a doctor or professional of any kind. Use these at your own risk because I will not take responsibility for the results.

1. Don’t drink more alcohol than you can handle.

I once went backpacking with a bunch of friends who really enjoyed their cheap Vodka. My girlfriend and I were sober and just watched everyone drink themselves to oblivion. They decided to go nuts because they were in the wilderness where the police probably wouldn’t find them(they were all under-aged). At about 4 AM after everyone had gone to bed, one person woke up and told me that we were missing someone, so obviously we set off to search for him. The temperature was hovering at about freezing. We found him sitting on the ground rocking back and forth in the middle of the forest in nothing more than shorts and a tee shirt. Had we not woken up or just not found him until morning, he’d probably be dead. I have many more stories from that trip but I’ll save them for another post.

2. Remember that no matter how cool you think you look, you are not Bear Grylls.

Grylls’ show is an awesome resource for survival tips, but remember it’s just a tv show. It was created for one purpose: to make money. Here we can see how an inexperienced survivalist can easily die in the wilderness while trying to use skills they learn from these reality survival shows. Also, don’t drink pee unless you have to.

3. Bringing a sleeping pad doesn’t necessarily make you a woman!

I went on a trip with several newbies who refused to bring sleeping pads because they either A. didn’t want to pay the $4 it cost to rent them or B. thought they would look weak by using something to improve their comfort in the wilderness. It didn’t help that less than half brought sleeping bags because “We thought we could all share”. Something that people don’t realize is that your body has to stay at 98.6 degrees and unless there is something to warm the surface of the Earth(there usually isn’t at night), it is much colder than your body needs to be. Most people can withstand when the air is cold, but when half of your body is being cooled down by something as cold and dense as the surface of the Earth, you need something to separate your body from it.
No one slept that entire trip (Thank God it was only 3 days).

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