Author: Christian Østmo

The Great Mediator

I once wrote an essay for college about what I called The Great Mediator. I think I’ll post it here somewhere now that I’m thinking about it. The essay described the fact that snow (The Great Mediator) uses its beauty and hides the ugliness of the world. It covers up everything – graffiti, dead plants, your troubles and cares. It makes everything beautiful, yet it has the power to kill anything. The cold of the snow is one of the most fierce forces on earth and can devour anything, but it is there for your enjoyment. The most natural...

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Fresh air in your lungs and grass between your toes

As a child, I injured my back. No one remembers exactly what happened, but the injury left one of the vertebra in my lower back completely crooked, and I could barely walk the next couple of days. The Vertebra in my lower back was twisted, but because I didn’t know it, I didn’t do anything about it – the pain seemed to go mostly away in a few weeks and completely away within a few months. In the next 8 years or so I started (and stopped) playing football, wrestling and playing rugby, and over those years and under...

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Get Outside!

You may not be able to rock climb like in the photo, but you should get off the computer and get outside! There is always something you can do to improve your health and focus. As mentioned on another post, I was recently in British Columbia. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I highly recommend hiking any of the hundreds or even thousands of trails there. I love the outdoors and the freedom that it gives me. After a long hike, I feel like I could accomplish anything else, and after a big...

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